Thursday, March 10, 2016

Industrial Era Scrap Lamp

Just finished this. Scrap mill scale, stainless steel with Vintage electrical components.

The round flange piece in the middle of the lower section rotates.

Wherever the light is positioned gives a different view of unique features.
The socket is solid polished nickel incorporating a dimmer switch.
 Includes a Vintage 60W Edison bulb and vintage work light cage.

Dimmed down it gives nice relaxing glow and on full it becomes a usable reading lamp.

Saturday, February 13, 2016



Bench with boot shelf

 Shoe/boot shelf on bottom is unfinished re-purposed white oak.
Top is reclaimed white cedar from the 1860's sealed with 4 coats of poly.  Frame is 11/2" boxed section hot rolled, mill scale steel with a 1/8" wall thickness. Frame incorporates a boxed steel support piece under seat. The steel frame is Tig welded and both ends are attached with bolts for easy assembly and shipping.

This is a heavy duty bench!

Dimensions are: Height to top of seat= 19"
Length= 48"
Depth of seat=13.5"
Overall width= 17"

Some features below:
 Shelf support is 1"X1" steel attached with NutSert inserts.
 Tig welded boxed steel frame.
Chamfered holes in shelf frame for screws that attach the wood securely to the frame.
 Stainless steel bolts. This bench can be used inside or out.
Bolted support for end frame pieces, can be disassembled for moving and shipping.
Welded and bolted L brackets supports the steel frame for the shelf.
 Quality hardware used throughout.
Shoe/Boot shelf support.
Cross-member bolted to ends.

I've now have an  Etsy shop-


 Finished the reproduced 1950's French Factory Shelves. All hand bent steel is tig welded. Lumber is re-purposed and re-sawed- sourced from Circa 1860 home.
Dimensions- 47" High, 40" wide, 11" deep. There is 11" clearance between the shelves.
Celebrating with a Bourbon-

Computer showing Restoration Hardware French Shelves.

Mounts with two screwed flanges 32" on center for standard studs.

 Re-sawed vintage boards,

Latest Wood-N-Steel project is a three shelf unit.
 Decided to purchase a bender for the steel. Had no space to mount it so I put it on the table of the mill.
Mocking up the assembly.
Right and left brackets.
Used 1" wide 1/8" thick steel.

Parts cut and bent. Arms are 1/2" cold rolled steel rod.

I should be able to finish it in a couple of days then I'll post it for sale.

 Been busy experimenting with building items from reclaimed lumber and steel.
This shelf/coat rack was built using reclaimed wood from a house built in 1864 and scrap tube and steel.

The console table below was built using the same lumber and 1"X2" box section steel.

 I'm going to paint the frame a black antique look.
 The top is reversible with the rough lumber complete with holes and nails on one side and the other is sanded and waxed.
Got the table to my son's home.

Shelf, coat rack made from an old cabinet door.